Meditation is a traditional pathway 
Mindful meditation can be practised in a variety of ways such as moving attention through various parts of the body (body scan) or concentrating on the breathing. In either case, you’re using the sense of touch while observing (but not reacting to) any thoughts or feelings that come up. Simply practise noticing experiences, thoughts and emotions with a sense of curiosity rather than judgment and, if the attention wanders to the past or the future, keep gently bringing the attention back to the body or breathing. 

Here’s how to give breath meditation a try: 
• Let yourself be free of any expectations about how the meditation should go 
• adopt a relaxed but upright sitting posture with the eyes closed 
• when settled, using the sense of touch, focus the awareness on the breath 
• observe and acknowledge what’s being experienced in that moment, without trying to change thoughts or feelings or to solve any problems that arise 
• focus as you breathe at the point where the air enters and leaves the body 
• if strong thoughts or feelings arise, practise making space for them without resisting or fighting them, all the while gently refocusing the attention back on the breath 
• after the time you gave to practise, gently open your eyes, reconnect with the environment, and then gently move onto whatever needs your attention. 

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