For charities and community groups
– Donate to a charity of your choosing (see our donations page) –
– Sign a petition (see our petitions page) – 
– Make scrubs/ masks/ bags/ ear protectors for the NHS – 
– Join a voluntary group –
– Shop for or check up on someone vulnerable near you, maybe a neighbour that is isolating –
– Support local restaurants by ordering takeaways or gift cards –

For loved ones
– Write a letter or postcard for someone (neighbour, friend, family member) –
– Call a friend or family that is isolating alone or not well, or you haven’t spoken to yet –
– Make breakfast/lunch/dinner –
– Start a book sharing chain –
– Send someone flowers –

For birthdays
– Bake a cake –
– Make breakfast if in the same household –
– Make a present (e.g. body scrub, bookmark, bath bomb, any DIY present you can think of) –
– Make/ send a birthday card –
– Organise a surprise video chat –
– Send someone flowers –
– Decorate the house/ flat –

For yourself
– Take time to meditate –
– Read a book you’ve been meaning to read –
– Exercise –
– Have an at home spa day (with your DIY bath bomb or scrub) –

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